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Benefits of Reformer Pilates!

Reformer Pilates has become increasingly more popular over the past few years. We are lucky to have three reformers at our studio, and they are used every single day! Reformers are great for the average individual, the college athlete, and someone who is rehabbing a joint replacement. They allow for much less pressure on the joints and allows for a lot more control during movements. Reformer Pilates allows us to target specific muscle groups, focusing on proper form during every single movement. There is a heavy focus on core, mobility, and flexibility. We want to build a strong foundation for the body. There is also a mind-body connection on the reformer. Focusing on the specific muscles that are supposed to be working, using breathing to allow for control, and staying focused during every movement are all key factors in understanding proper form when doing Reformer Pilates. We recommend that anyone who wants to to try it as it has amazing benefits!


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