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In life, both at home and in business, I've always adhered to the motto "that which is measured improves." It has proven to be invaluable for my health and weight loss journey. With the help of Jennifer and the entire FF team, my daily routine continues to produce weekly positive results. The importance of the information obtained in the Inbody Analysis allows you to know exactly how your body functions in order to adjust your healthy living program to achieve your desired results. You have to be willing to put yourself at the top of your TO-DO list, put in the hard work and follow a customized plan, and you will see results. Patience, dedication to your health, and hard work will transform your life! ENJOY the journey!!

Kristen J.

When I first learned that Fred Fit was offering acupressure I was somewhat skeptical, yet also intrigued. To satisfy my curiosity I scheduled a 30 minute session with Jennifer. She explained the concept of acupressure and also shared that acupressure can be used to target specific areas of your body. I left feeling relaxed and had a new appreciation toward an alternative approach to wellness. Although I can't go as often as I wish, a recent session with Paula focused on my back and hips. At the conclusion of the session she shared some exercises that I can continue to do at home. I am pleased with this alternative therapy and will continue to integrate it into my wellness plans.

Renee J.

I love Fredericksburg Fitness! I did not have a lot of confidence when I first started, but my trainer is awesome. She is an inspiration and offers just the right balance of encouragement and critique. I have just signed up for another year because I know that Fredericksburg Fitness is the best way to help me transform my life.


Awesome place to workout and change your lifestyle. They have helped keep me accountable for my own wellness. I really enjoy coming to the studio each week. The personalization of each session and the ‘homework’ given is remarkable.  I would recommend FF to anyone trying to develop & maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Hilary Lee

Fredericksburg Fitness is an important part of my life. I think of it as a rare gem that adds value and quality to my life. Its staff is assisting me and others to become fit, have more energy and feel better about ourselves. If Fredericksburg Fitness is a gem, then it can be easily measured by its staff using the four C’s – people who are caring, concerned, cooperative and cute as buttons.


Fredericksburg Fitness creates an environment of fun and accountability, which has helped me to lose weight and keep it off. The trainers care about both exercise and diet - and they constantly encourage me to succeed. As they say, 'Your success is our success!' The periodic 'Challenges' motivate me to try harder, and the monthly 'Healthy Happy Hour' meetings are opportunities to learn more and help one another.I began training with my trainer in July 2012 and her lifestyle and attitude have made all the difference for me. She has more confidence in me than I do - and she enjoys helping me to reach new goals all the time. For the first time in my life, I have confidence that I can be 'Fit for (the rest of my) Life!’


I started with Fredericksburg Fitness Studio back in January of this year. Since that time, not only have I lost 20 pounds, but I believe that the strength training exercises that they have provided has definitely made me physically stronger.Back in January, I could only perform about 5 push-ups, but now… I can do at least 20 push-ups, and as far as running on the treadmill for cardio, where I once could run for about a minute and ½, I can now run much longer. So, I see great improvement in what I can physically do, and I feel healthier, more motivated to reaching my physical fitness goals and I believe that I look much better. I truly enjoy the work-outs and also appreciate the nutritional guidance that they provide.Therefore, I thank my trainers and the rest of the staff at Fredericksburg Fitness for helping me with achieving my physical fitness goals. You ladies are quite awesome!


I walked into Fredericksburg Fitness in December 2012 with the resolve to improve my overall strength and yes, hopefully, lose those stubborn pounds I couldn’t shred. Little did I know how my life and outlook were about to change. I met with my trainer and knew this was no regular “gym” as she probed into my hopes and helped me set realistic goals for my future fitness. There was nothing easy about my first few weeks and there were no more excuses I could use to not take control of the trajectory of my life. I call it “tough love” and owe my success to my trainer who helps keep me on track and accountable for my progress. It truly is a team effort and I owe a debt of gratitude to my morning workout partners, Donna & Beth. They and others are a wonderful support system and help me realize I am not alone and we share a common bond on our way to lifelong fitness. I got wonderful news today that my cholesterol has improved to the point that medication is no longer required. I am now a believer that nutrition is just as important as fitness and I have made consistent changes in my plan. That’s what I call measurable results and proof that we all have the power to make life changes! I wish the same for all of you!


I came to Fredericksburg Fitness because as hit age 50, it became increasingly difficult to maintain a healthy weight. I am a breast cancer survivor. I was suffering with terrible acid reflux and my blood pressure was borderline high. Diabetes affects many of my family members, and I was concerned that I was on that path, too. There are many people who depend on me including my 15 year old son, my husband who has non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and had a stem cell transplant, and my aging mother. So, I really need to take care of myself.

My experience at Fredericksburg Fitness has been a gift. I have had the benefit of three trainers – and without fail they are awesome. The trainers are invested in my well-being, and they lead by example. They are extremely knowledgeable, giving sound advice on exercise, posture, nutrition, and more. Honestly, the days I work out at the Studio are the best days of my week! The encouragement and reinforcement are essential to my good health. The program provides variety. I love the Challenges, and the Healthy Happy Hours are so informative and fun.

Fredericksburg Fitness Studio is one of the best values for the money of any purchase I’ve ever made. I am so grateful to the trainers and my workout friends and the entire staff of the Studio for making such a difference in my life! It feels wonderful to be eating healthy foods and improving my fitness. My doctor is pleased with my progress as there is improvement in every health concern. Thank you all!


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