Experience the benefits of Personal or Small Group Training. Your training program will be customized to meet your needs. Personal Training will focus ONLY ON YOU and YOUR specific needs!



  • It’s all about YOU (FINALLY) to get you better -stronger- faster!

  • Fun & energetic workouts

  • We teach you how to exercise at home to stay strong in between sessions

  • Motivation, inspiration, education is yours all week long​



  • Provides friendly camaraderie that enhances overall enjoyment of exercise

  • Share the experience and expense with others

  • Social support of like-minded individuals to increase motivation


You will feel in control and accountable for your progress. Your Certified Personal Trainer will give you the tools that you need to workout away from the sessions, as well as how to keep track with a food journal.


To learn the proper way to exercise and understand your body better, our qualified and experienced personal trainers work with you toward your individual fitness needs and goals.


Most of the physical limits we have are all in our head. We push you to reach your goals faster and more effectively.


Expert support and guidance means you not only get the best workout possible but the safest, too.


Time is a valuable commodity and our Certified Personal Trainers make sure training sessions are varied, fun and dynamic, motivating you through any fitness plateaus and maximizing your results.

More than just exercising with a Certified Personal Trainer. You will receive:

  • A 12 Point Musculoskeletal Screening to identify potential “Red Flags” that would indicate any unknown, underlying physical limitation. If found, we would refer you to your Primary Care Provider for examination.

  • Thorough review of your health and exercise history.

  • Full body physical assessment so we start you at your appropriate level. We do not believe in no pain, no gain.

  • We mix all of this with your fitness goals, medical history, any health considerations, homework, nutrition, self-motivation and develop a custom plan to make you stronger, happier & healthier.

  • We then teach you how to exercise on your own, including proper form and technique so you can be FIT FOR LIFE.

Come experience the advantages of working with others who are motivated to Get Fit For Life. With small group training, you will get the personal trainer you need with the support, inspiration, and comradery that comes when great minds get together. Bond with your significant other, daughter, son or a friend while you get in shape together under the guidance of a Certified Personal Trainer! Share the experience and expense with others!


For couples and small group training, an appropriate program will be designed for each participant based on his/her fitness goals, prior injuries and health considerations. The Certified Personal Trainer will monitor each person at his/her own pace so different levels of fitness will be challenged appropriately during the training session.

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