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Let's Get Stretching

Check out these great benefits of stretching and see a few ways you can add stretching into your daily routine!

5-minute full body stretching/mobility routine you can do before you start your day and/or when you end your day. Hold/perform each stretch for 15-30 seconds.

  1. Hamstring stretch

  2. Butterfly stretch

  3. Calf stretch

  4. Figure 4 stretch

  5. Arm circles

  6. Child’s pose

  7. Cobra pose

  8. Cat Cow

  9. Shoulder rolls

  10. Neck rolls

  11. Chest stretch

  12. Standing or side-lying quad stretch


  • Increase range of motion

  • Be able to perform activities of daily living pain-free

  • Improve blood flow

  • Reduce the risk of injury


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