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Are you interested in becoming a better version of yourself? Whether it is from illness, injury, a lifetime of putting others first, or to be a step above your competition, NOW is the time to take care of you! Our dedicated team is devoted to helping all ages and fitness levels, ranging from the post-rehab patient to the "I just want to be healthier" client to the elite high school and college athlete.

FFS is the only doctor referred fitness facility in the area to help manage a wide variety of medical conditions. Call today for a studio consultation and together we will help you "Get Fit For Living Life."


We are not a gym; we do not offer memberships. We are a private fitness studio that operates by appointment only. We specialize in Personal Training, Reformer Pilates, Medical Exercise, Acupressure and Registered Dietitian Nutritionist services.


Ready to Commit? Book Your Consultation and Inbody Analysis TODAY!

personal training and nutritionist fredericksburg va


Custom Training & Nutrition Coaching to Get Results!


We will fan the flame of your desire to be strong, healthy and GET FIT FOR LIVING LIFE. We will do everything we can to empower, educate and encourage you on your journey to a life of energy and vitality. All our resources are at your disposal. We do not want to be ‘just the place you work out’ but a place to belong and be a part of an active healthy lifestyle.

Fredericksburg Fitness Studio Personal Training


Fredericksburg Fitness Studio VA

"Great custom tailored fitness studio. The fitness instructors are all welcoming, knowledgeable, and experienced. I have had more results here than any other gym, or at home plan that I have tried. Incredibly supportive, encouraging, and educational."

fredericksburg va personal training  fitness studio

"Fredericksburg Fitness Studio (FFS) is one of a kind Fitness and Training. We both have noticed a marked increase in our mobility, balance and strength. All of the Trainers are professional, knowledgeable and patient. The FFS environment is filled with positive energy and a “can do” spirit. We highly recommend them to anyone looking for a healthier lifestyle."

Fredericksburg Fitness Studio VA

"I would enthusiastically recommend FFS to anyone young or old, regardless of your physical limitations, your personal goals, or your experience level. They are friendly, organized professionals who will customize a plan that fits your needs."

Fredericksburg Fitness In the News
In the News
Fredericksburg Fitness Studio Personal Training

Effective Ways to Improve Health in 2022

Most people want to improve their health, but things hold them back. Oftentimes, it’s not having a clear direction of what it takes to make the improvements, or they lack the guidance or accountability. The good news is that there are effective strategies...

Featuring: Jennifer Scherer

Fredericksburg Fitness Studio Personal Training

7 Squat Variations That'll Upgrade Your Glute Workouts

While you can’t go wrong with the standard squat, there may come a day when you want to switch things up and try a few squat variations. That way, you can hit different muscles groups — and maybe add a bit more fun to your typical workout routine...

Featuring: Megan Kaye

Fredericksburg Fitness Studio Personal Training

Fredericksburg Fitness Studio offers tips on how to successfully improve health this year

Get a personalized plan. A one-size-all plan doesn't always work for everyone. It's important to have a plan that has been designed to account for where you are and where you want to be. That's the best way to successfully get there...

Featuring: Jennifer Scherer

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Exercises to ease lower back pain

Virginia This Morning on CBS 6

Fredericksburg Fitness Certified Personal Trainer, Jennifer Scherer, was recently featured on a segment with Virginia This Morning. Learn exercises from Jennifer to help ease lower back pain.

How To Eat Like Your Life Depends On It

Good Day DC on Fox5

Fredericksburg Fitness Certified Personal Trainer, Jennifer Scherer, was recently featured on a segment with Good Day DC. Learn tips from Jennifer on how to eat healthier.

Improving your gut biome

Fox5 Morning

Fredericksburg Fitness Dietitian Jennifer Scherer talks about tips to improve gut microbiome.

Fredericksburg Fitness Studio Personal Training

Fredericksburg Fitness Studio is proud to partner with MyZone to provide connected fitness powered by personal effort.



2541 Cowan Blvd, Fredericksburg, VA 22401

Phone: 540-479-1877

Fax: 540-479-1643

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Monday - Thursday 6am - 8:30pm

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Saturday 8am - 12pm

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