youth Training

A personal trainer for adolescents or young adults is an excellent way to build confidence while safely improving their strength, bone density, blood pressure, balance, lipid profiles, fat-free mass, and, of course, their personal self-esteem and overall health.

Whether your child is currently inactive and looking to develop a healthy lifestyle,  or a varsity athlete who wants enhance his/her performance, we strive to:

- share knowledge on body awareness,

- explain the value and "how to" of proper nutrition,

- and provide the tools to lifelong wellness habits.

 The private, well-supervised environment of Fredericksburg Fitness Studio ensures your child receives:   

  • unique training sessions focused on his/her goals 
  • expert guidance, support, and advice on all aspects of health and fitness, to include nutrition
  • complete privacy to ensure his/her comfort as they learn the proper body mechanics for each movement, and thus prevent injuries to muscles and joints
  • physical assessments to monitor progress
  • exercise homework, should he/she like it, which can be accessed on our private, secure mobile app for ease of completion 
  • the ability to adjust their training based on school and family schedules
  • the ability to adjust the training style as dictated by in/out season athletics 

At Fredericksburg Fitness Studio we believe that by developing the musculature of the entire body in conjunction with the knowledge of and support to develop healthy habits, we are helping tomorrow's leaders "get fit for life!" 

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