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We believe fitness should be personalized and accessible to everyone. We provide you with an easy to follow, custom built fitness program that is tailored exactly to you and your health goals. Our coaches are Certified Personal Trainers, Exercise Physiologists & Medical Exercise Specialists who have their Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Exercise Science. 


Fredericksburg Fitness Studio In-Home Virtual Personal Training
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  • SAFETY & INJURY PREVENTION. Your trainer will correct your form and ensure proper technique.

  • CUSTOMIZED FITNESS PROGRAM. We base your program on your current condition, health history and individual goals.

  • NUTRITION GUIDANCE. Track your food intake for 5 days and we will teach you how to improve your eating habits to optimize results.

  • WEEKLY EXERCISE HOMEWORK. Stay on track in between your virtual appointments to ensure accountability.

  • HAVE FUN EXERCISING! We change up the routine regularly to prevent you from becoming bored or reaching a plateau. 

  • REGULAR CHECK-INS & ASSESSMENTS. Ensure steady progress with weigh-ins, body measurements, blood pressure and physical fitness testing.

  • MOTIVATION & INSPIRATION TIPS. Struggling to eat healthy or exercise on your own? Your trainer will listen to you and help you overcome all of your obstacles. 

  • CONVENIENCE. Train anywhere and anytime that works for your schedule. 

  • PRIVACY. Train in the comfort of your own home.

  • ONGOING SUPPORT. Have a question about how to do your exercise homework? Contact your trainer at any time.


Personal Training for General Health & Fitness

This is ideal if you have no pre-existing medical conditions and are:

  • Overweight or Obese seeking Weight Loss

  • Deconditioned seeking Motivation & Improved Cardiovascular Fitness

  • Sedentary seeking Improved Strength, Flexibility, & Balance

  • Youth Athlete seeking Improved Performance for a Specific Sport

  • Recovering from an old injury seeking Improved Strength & Range of Motion

  • Generally Weak seeking Increased Muscle Tone

  • New to Exercise seeking Improved Mood & Overall Quality of Life

How it Works:

​Complete Online Health & Exercise History Form

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Book Free 30 Minute Phone Consultation

E-Sign Onboarding Paperwork & Pay Email Invoice

Book Free 30 Minute Virtual Assessment (Obtains your baseline, used for your program design)

Start Virtual Personal Training Program

Get Fit for Living Life! You will be held accountable to complete weekly homework assignments to ensure steady progress

Medical Exercise Training for Pre-Existing Health Conditions

This is ideal if you have a pre-existing medical conditions and are:

  • Advised from your Physical Therapist or Physician to exercise

  • Unsteady or Unable to Balance or Walk without a Walking Aid (cane, walker, collator, or wheelchair)

  • Recovering from a Total Joint Replacement

  • Diagnosed with a Neurological Condition such as Parkinson's Disease, MS, Epilepsy, Stroke, or Dementia

  • Suffering from Chronic Pain due to Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, or other Inflammatory Conditions 

  • Tired of dealing with Back Pain due to a Spinal Disorder, Disc Herniation, or Laminectomy

  • Discharged from Physical Therapy or Chiropractic Care

How it Works:

​Complete Online Health & Exercise History Form

Book Free 30 Minute Phone Consultation

Book 15 Minute Musculoskeletal Screening (Checks for potential red flags that would prevent participation in our MET Program)

E-Sign Onboarding Paperwork & Pay Email Invoice

Book Free 30 Minute Virtual Medical Exercise Assessment (Obtains your baseline, used for your program design)

Start Virtual MET Program

Get Fit for Living Life! You will be held accountable to complete weekly homework assignments to ensure steady progress

Need help deciding which format is right for you? 
Book a Free Phone Consult! 
best personal trainer Fredericksburg, VA
best personal trainer Spotsylvania, VA

“The virtual training sessions that Fredericksburg Fitness Studio offers provide me with the same quality workouts as the in-person studio sessions, with one great upside, you are in the comfort of your own home.

The trainers are attentive and work with my environment to provide me the maximum workout experience.  For me, the virtual sessions have been very rewarding in that they enable me to see that I can do these workouts at home and still feel accountable.  No gimmicks, no special purchases, just hard work and very knowledgeable and professional trainers.”

-Holly B. 

“When Fredericksburg Fitness suspended their in-house training due to the Coronavirus and started virtual personal training, I was not enamored.  I joined Fredericksburg Fitness Studio because I needed to get healthy and lacked the motivation to exercise on my own.  I also prefer face-to-face contact, but under the current circumstances that just is not possible, so I reluctantly opted to participate, and I am glad I did because it has been great.  I am staying on track and my workouts are just as intense and challenging.  I can still see and hear my trainers as if they are standing right in front of me and they still guide and coach me virtually.  Most importantly, I did not have to change my schedule and am able to stick to my regular routine.  Virtual training has been a positive experience and I am thankful for the dedication and support of Fredericksburg Fitness Studio.”

– Trista H. 

“Like most Virginians, I have been staying home over the past several weeks to protect the health of myself and of others.  I was afraid I would need to give up my exercise plan, but thanks to Fredericksburg Fitness' remote training program I can stay in shape without risking exposure to the coronavirus.  The remote workouts are equal to the in-person program in every way.  Each session is planned just for my needs and goals.  Maintaining my workout routine is essential to keeping my spirits up during this difficult time. When this is all over, I will still be in shape!”

-Beth J.

“Virtual training with Fredericksburg Fitness Studio has been a godsend. It helps me feel more grounded at a very unsettled time. My trainer is fun and supportive, and I feel stronger and more fit with every session. Now, more than ever, I am glad that I have made this investment in my health!”

-Susanne T. 

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