Private Personal Training

Fredericksburg Fitness Studio is for those who are ready to move beyond the crowded, impersonal gym environment, where classes are often taught by under qualified trainers, and advance to our private, upscale studios and personalized instruction by first-class Certified Personal Trainers. Our certified, experienced and professional personal trainers will design your very own fitness strategy. Fredericksburg Fitness personal trainers take you through each stage of your training in private sessions giving you:

  • the most effective means of personal training - just you and your trainer
  • complete privacy
  • no distractions allowing for total focus
  • expert guidance and advice on all aspects of health and fitness
  • safe routines without the risk of injury
  • an effective, direct route to a healthier you
  • nutritional support
  • assistance with weight loss and other body transformations
  • physical assessments to monitor your progress
  • exercise homework

Respecting your priorities and time

At Fredericksburg Fitness studio, we recognize the priorities in your life such as work, children, and aging parents. Respecting your time constraints, Fredericksburg Fitness provides focused personalized training programs so that you receive the maximum benefit from each training session. We don’t waste your time.

We help you to integrate YOUR health and wellness as a priority into your busy lifestyle knowing that when you take care of yourself, you are better able to maintain your hectic lifestyle AND create a better balance. Plus, our training hours are convenient and accommodate even the most demanding schedules.