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Best Exercises for Lower Back Pain

With an increase in jobs working from home, many people are finding themselves sitting much more during the day than normal, causing back, hip, and leg pain. Here are some great exercises to help alleviate some of that pain.

1. Crunches - One of the classic core strengthening exercises is crunches. Crunches build strength in the lower back and related stomach muscles.

2. Hamstring Stretch - Hamstring stretches relieve the back of the leg, where some of the muscles that support the work of the lower spine are found. For a better stretch, try using a towel or band/strap.

3. Wall Sits - When it comes to low back pain, try some wall-sits as a break from sitting on the couch.

4. Bird Dogs -The bird dog is a great way to learn to stabilize the low back during movements of the arms and legs.

5. Knee to Chest - Here is another way to get your legs pumping as a treatment for low back pain.

6. Pelvic Tilt - Before back pain has you writhing on the floor with the usual symptoms, try lying on your back for some pelvic tilts. This workout is designed to strengthen your pelvis, which often works in concert with the core muscles along your spine. Making sure your abdomen can pull its fair share means your spine pain will have one less possible cause.

7. Bridging - Bridging offers so much for the symptoms of back pain. This exercise helps strengthen various supporting players for your back like the hamstrings, glutes, transverse abdominis, abdomen and hips. It also works directly to strengthen the lower back.

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