The Fredericksburg Fitness Studio difference

At Fredericksburg Fitness Studio you’re more than a number on a key fob, you're YOU. 

Before you start at the studio you meet with a member of the staff to go over your health and exercise history. We get to know you personally during this meeting and begin to map out the best way for you to move forward on your fitness journey with our help.

You're matched with one of our certified, experienced and professional personal trainers who will then design your very own fitness strategy. Your trainer looks both at your long term goals, and maintaining your interest during your in-studio sessions, as she develops each individualized training session.  

The Studio only hires trainers that: 

- hold a Bachelors Degree;

- are nationally accredited as a Certified Personal Trainer;

- hold additional certificates in specialized topics i.e. Reformer Pilates, Senior Fitness, Fitness Nutrition and Orthopedic Exercise;

- complete our intensive in-studio shadowing to ensure they meet our standards and surpass our expectations.

It is also required that the trainers continue with their education so that you receive the most up-to-date fitness information. (To meet our staff click here). The training staff focuses on the body mechanics of each exercise and how to adapt those movements to overcome any limitations.

Ultimately, during your time at the Studio you'll notice we focus on three main things: education, encouragement, and empowerment. Our goal is to help you "get fit for life"!

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