Personal Training

Private & Semi-Private Training Experiences

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 Whether in a private (one-on-one) or a semi-private environment our certified, experienced, and professional personal trainers will design your very own fitness strategy and guide you at your own pace, every step of the way, to reach your fitness goals.

Private training offers extensive one-on-one attention ideal for  individuals who need additional support, such as seniors and youth/youth athletes, or those who are new to or just returning to exercise post-injury, surgery, or medical diagnosis.  We have also found private training is an excellent option for those looking to achieve advanced fitness goals. 

Semi-private personal training sessions offer an opportunity to connect with others for additional motivation and support during your fitness journey. Our groups are a maximum of three people, to ensure that you receive focused attention and a safe, effective workout.

Regardless of your choice to train privately or in a group setting, our personal trainers help integrate your health and wellness as a priority into your busy lifestyle. With convenient training hours that accommodate even the most demanding schedules, we know that when you take the time to care for yourself, you are better able to maintain a balanced life. 

Unsure what path is right for you? Contact the Studio for a Free Consultation. We'll go over your health & exercise history, and discuss your goals, to see how we can best help you to get fit for life!

our Personal training components:

  • Accountability -  You will feel in control and accountable for your progress. Your personal trainer will give you the tools that you need to workout away from the sessions, as well as how to keep track of your online food journal.
  • Education & Goals - As well as learning the proper way to exercise and understanding your body better, our qualified and experienced personal trainers work with you toward your individual fitness needs and goals.
  • Motivation - Most of the physical limits we have are all in our head. We push you to reach your goals faster and more effectively.
  • Safety - Unsupervised fitness routines can lead to injuries and inefficient training. Expert support and guidance means you not only get the best workout possible but the safest too.
  • Results & Time Management - Time is a valuable commodity and our personal trainers make sure that training session are varied and dynamic, motivating you through any fitness plateaus and maximizing your results.