Fitness Nutrition Specialists

You Are What You Eat!

Our Fitness Nutrition Specialists will work with you to address your current eating habits and provide nutritional guidance to help fuel your metabolism.
Nutrition is a vital part of any health and fitness plan that involves weight loss and any type of body conditioning. We assist you with making better nutrition choices through weekly evaluation and feedback.


Our Fitness Nutrition Specialists will…

  • help you set realistic goals
  • focus on nutritional needs that compliment your fitness program
  • teach techniques that help you reach established goals
  • provide progress reviews
  • discuss strategies to break through barriers and overcome plateaus
  • provide resources on how to cook and prepare appealing, quick meals


“Nutrition is the other half of the fitness equation”

Benefits of Nutritional Guidance

  • Improve performance in sports
  • Loss of fat mass and gain of lean muscle mass
  • Accountability to enhance results
  • Learning how to cook well balanced healthy meals